getAndResetThreadLocalInstance warning in web log with grid icons



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I've been using the Grid Cell Display Changed event along with an Interpretive NER that calls the Set Grid Cell Icon system function. Works great to display variable icons in grid columns that are clickable and link to other apps etc.

Well, I noticed the web engine is spewing the following message to the web logs on every call to the function.

11 Mar 2015 14:57:54,237 [WARN ] CWELTON - [RUNTIME] getAndResetThreadLocalInstance: called again before releaseThreadLocalInstance is called. Corrective Action :Check web tools logic, make sure releaseThreadLocalInstance is called after getAndResetThreadLocalInstance every time to improve ThreadLocal instance reuse.

I took all the logic out of the NER and the message still appears so it seems to be tied to the general function calling mechanism.

Anyone stumbled on this?
same thing happens on local OAS and Websphere