Generate Delinquency Fees Invoices


Any Smarties out there that can help with my query please?
I am trying to generate delinquency fees document type RF via UBE R03B525. In Proof mode, I can see the fees by customer, but in final mode, the invoice (doc type RF) is not been created.
Any advise/assistance is greatly appreciated.

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What errors are the Work Center when you run it in final mode? Is this your first time generating doc type RF in your JDE system? Without more information, I am completely guessing, but it sounds like your RFD AAI is not set up OR your Next Numbers defined for the RF doc type are already used in your database F03B11.
Sarah - no errors coming through to WC. Only message is that R03B22 completed normally. Company's first time trying to generate type RF and company is new to JDE E9.1. AAIs RFD and RFC are set up for Co 00000 and 00001 with corresponding BU and Object accounts.
NN is set up in sys 03B for Finance Charge to 2871. Am I looking in wrong screen for the NN? Person before ha supposedly done the configuration and I'm trying to figure out what's being missed. Is there another NN screen for doc types?

Jim - yes it is kicking off R0322 in Proof mode displaying the fees on journal report

Thank you in advance for your input.

Is the customer master(s) set up for fees on the collections tab?
Yes Peter.
I'm able to generate fees with correct calculations and # of reminders is also working fine. Everything seems fine except when you run it in Final mode, doc type RF is not created in F03B11.

Select one address book ID that should have fees calculated and printed and run the R03B525 for that single address number (in the data selection) with debugging on. Then review the debug log for the reason it was not printed.
I had a similar issue a few years ago with the R03B525. It turned out the version was corrupt and still processing in proof rather than final mode. We created a new version and all was good!
Hi Alex,
copying version or UBEs still don't work. Would you by any chance have a copy of the AR config for Delinquency document type RF please? Many Thanks

I have just finished two days of debug log analysis of a problem we are having with delinquencies. Looking at the code of a business function and along with the debug log, it looked like a bug. I did a search in the Oracle Support site and found it was a bug. Now I need to apply an AR baseline ESU.

I couldn't see where you had identified your configuration, so I don't know if any if the other bugs I saw during my search would apply to your situation. There were bugs relating to fees and finance charges.
GL Date?? Is the date entered in a closed period?
Have the 'Finance People' closed the period for the date you are entering in process options for delinquency fees?
Hi Peter,
Yeah, I did a debug all day yesterday pretty much and yes there's a bug. R03B525 spawns R03B505 which contains another piece of coding(Nxxxxxx) that seems to be referring to an AAI RF when I have AAI RFC & RFD already setup. My issue could b the same as yours. I'm using E1 9.1
You wouldn't t happen to know the ESU number, would you?

The problem I was having with the delinquencies was that the “Print Non-Delinquent Invoices” processing option is set NOT to print Non-Delinquent Invoices. The bug prints some (not all) Non-Delinquent Invoices.

Bug and fix details:


Code Change/ESU: SAR:16029750

BaseLine ESU_JM13600_5/14/13

Special Information
JM13600 is an Accounts Receivable baseline ESU. All 9.1 customers will need to download and install this ESU before receiving fixes for subsequent ESUs that contain the same objects.

If you have already downloaded and installed JM13600 it is not necessary for you to download and install it again. You will be given credit for the baseline once the ESU has been installed.

B03B0012F03B14 Apply Receipt to Invoice03B08.31.20128:31:21
B03B0029Calculate Finance Charge from Rules03B02.19.20133:12:48
B03B0062Calculate Account Action03B04.18.201212:46:03
B03B0112F03B21 - Write Notification Detail from Cache03B02.01.20139:43:12
D03B0029Calculate Finance Charge from Rules03B04.30.20126:07:05
D03B0046Finance Charge Journal Processing03B04.30.20126:07:06
N03B0046Finance Charge Processing03B09.14.20126:04:13
R03B221Late Payment Delinquency Fees03B10.30.20127:46:32
R03B525Credit Analysis Refresh03B04.19.20139:18:10
T03B221Late Payment Fee Processing03B04.30.20126:07:27
V03B14KLate Payment Delinquency Fees - F03B1403B10.30.20127:46:

BUG NumberDescriptionSystem CodeCompletion Date
13105546LATE PYT FEE NOT GENERATED IF03B2012-05-15
13111710E1 FINANCE CHARGES NO REMARK03B2012-10-02
13323808RB TAKES WRONG PAYMENT INST -03B2012-04-03
13340126FOR. FEE CALC. OVER DOM. AMT.03B2012-04-24
13347848FEES FOR CREDITS DON'T USE GRA03B2013-03-05
13347916DEL. NOTICE MSG NOT SUSPENDED03B2012-04-24
14006462R03B22 FEES NOT GENERATED03B2012-08-21
14117777CHARGEBACK CREATED IN F03B11 D03B2012-09-11
16029750R03B525 - R03B20 NON- DELINQUE03B2013-02-26
16298430F03B20.RNID IS 3 CHARACTERS, B03B2013-04-02
Found this on Oracle Support:

When I run A/R Delinquency Fee Journal (R03B22) in Proof mode, invoices are being selected. However, when it runs in Final with exactly the same Data Selection and Processing Options behind R03B525 Credit Analysis Refresh and R03B22 A/R Delinquency Fee Journal , the PDF shows the message “No Data Selected”. Why?

When Manager Approval is set up for the Policy (P03B2501) and there is a Collection Manager set up in the Customer Master (P03013 – Collection’s tab), the first time R03B22 is run in Final Mode, they fees are only created as Pending status, they need to be Approved by the manager before the Fees can be created in Final mode.

The steps are:

(this is optional) you will run R03B525 set to call R03B22 in PROOF just so the user can see what will be picked up.
R03B22 is run in FINAL mode, since manager approval is required, “no data selected” is shown in R03B22. However, the fee is already available in P03B22 at Pending status
The Collection's Manager goes to P03B22 and Approves the fee. When exiting this program, the R03B22 is called automatically and in FINAL. The report can be seen in Work With Submitted jobs.

If the above does not help:

I'm at a client that is not using the delinquency fee option so I'm going by memory and I can't find anything in my archive. There is not much in the configuration. Here is what I would probably do with my current client who is thinking of charging fees in the near future: The R03B525 is in update mode (Update Tab), Fees Tab: Final, new version, GL date: blank, 1=calculate, new version, , payment terms is blank, 2= customer.

R03B22 create new version (no data selection and blanks for processing options) on FAT client and promote.
R03B221 (no data selection, Processing Options: Final, same version for R03B22, blank, blank, 2=customer, and blanks) create new version and promote

Be sure the customer Master currency code is setup properly if using this option.

Because calls to the delinquency objects are made you need to be sure they are properly built. Also, don't trust that the JDE versions are built correctly.
Thank you Peter for the detailed information on ESU and SARs etc. I got a Developer to check and yes we didn't have the baseline ESU already installed. I'll have to now inform the CNC (Outsourced Support) to look into. Cheers
Big Thankyou Alex,

I ended up re-configuring the R03B525 through to the other UBEs/Versions being called with bits you've provided to what I already knew and had done. I have now created my document type RF in F03B11 and will monitor user when generating the fees just to ensure that there is no difference in the setup of P03B22 vs R03B22 during the approving of the fees.
Again, thankyou so much for the brainstorming.

Does anyone know how I can get my RF (Finance Charges) documents to default to Approved (Customer Ledger) in the Pay Status when created through the P03B22 program please?

Thanks in Advance,