Item/Customer Groups Relations - Quality Management



I am currently working on a project that uses the Quality Management module which is a new area for me. I have got an understanding of how most of the logic works but I am unable to wrap my head around how item/customer groups work within the Quality Preference Profiles.

What I am trying to understand is how an item number is related to an item group (IT18). I have been reading the following oracle support document (E1: 37: Preference Profiles For Quality Management (Doc ID 626091.1)) which explains how to setup profiles in the P40318. I have also been reading the JDE E1 Quality Managment Implementation Guide (

Both these documents make reference to item/customer groups but dont explain how they are setup or maintained. I have done a bit of digging around in some of the applications logic and all I really came across that was interesting was the item groups data item (IT18) uses a UDC visual assist. Which doesn't make much sense to me cause it seems like you have to maintain a list of item groups in two places by the looks of it?

My thoughts would be that the item/item group relationship would be somewhere under the lots or inventory configuration but I couldn't really find anything there.

I also ran a XREF search on IT18 and found it was used in the following tables (F3711,F3711Z1,F37900,F40318,F40318R) which doesnt really help me either for those are all QM tables.

Hoping some one can shed some light on this query for me!

If any further information is required please advise.

I'm not sure if you have resolved this yet, but the piece you are missing is the P40072 (Work with Item Group Preferences). This screen allows you to assign an item number to an item group. For Quality Management, you should see the Quality Management field at the bottom of Item Group 2 Tab. Populate that value from the UDC to assign the item to a group.