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Hi List, Forum
This post is just FYI, hoping could be usefull for some of us.

I have been seeking for usefull documentations pertaining to OMW Configuration (OMC) on the Knowledge Garten and have found a very good one.
I found answers for some of my previously came up questions (e.g. Is OMC is Cached?, etc.) and som usefull hint/inforamtion too. I suppose, this document could be also usefull for almost all of us.

You can also find many link/reference to other usefull documentations pertaining to OMW/OMC in it.

You can find the the identification of this documentation at the end of this post after the copied Table of Contents.
Table of Contents
Question 1 How Do I Start a New Project?
Question 2 How Do I Check-Out Objects from Object Management Workbench?
Question 3 How Do I Generate or Copy a Table?
Question 4 How Do I Do a Fake Check-Out and then a Fake Check-In?
Question 5 How Do I get the HTML Page to Show Up on the News/Status Tab?
Question 6 What OneWorld Tables does Object Management Workbench Use?
Question 7 How do I Object Transfer from Pristine?
Question 8 What Object Management Workbench Changes are Cached in OneWorld?
Question 9 How do I Create my Own Object Promotion Paths?
Question 10 How do I Delete a Project?
Question 11 How do I get a Change Made to a Menu, UDC, or Interactive Version in my Prototype Environment Back to my Development Environment?
Question 12 How do I Add Text/Notes to a Project?
Question 13 What are the Different Delete Options Available when you Delete a Project?
Document ID: ott-00-0067
Document Title: Frequently Asked Questions on Object Management Workbench
Hope, could help

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I, personally, dislike OMW. I won't throw out alot of opinions, but IMHO it is an overdesigned application.

I think most OneWorld shops do very little "development" and a lot of ESUs. Object transfer and object librarian worked well for this type of activity. OMW will not encourage more development: internally, third-party, or otherwise. OMW does not enhance the manageability of ESUs. So who asked for it and why do we have to use it?

Any opinions, contrary or otherwise, are heartily solicited.

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