Form Interconnect inside NER


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Hi List

I have created a NER in which I have ER code to call a custom application based on certain conditions. I am calling (thru jdeCallObject API) this NER from F4211FSEndDoc BSFN just before the End Doc clean up routine. Since I have Form Interconnect in the NER and also calling it from a BSFN, I have made the NER client only.

The issue I am having is that when I call the NER from a simple test app OK button clicked the NER is called and the Form Interconnect in the NER works correctly. However when I call the NER from the End Doc BSFN the NER is called correctly (verified this thu M & D Debug) but the Form Interconnect in the NER doesn't work and the required form is not displayed.

Please let me know what is going wrong when the NER is called from the BSFN code.

I am on E910 latest TR.

Thanks In Advance for your help.


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Simply put you can't do that. F4211FSEndDoc will be executing on the enterprise server so it can't invoke a form on the client's web browser.

To call an APPL from an NER you have to do the following:

1. Make the NER client only. You will probably have to also setup OCM mappings to map it local.

2. Call the NER directly from the APPL or from another Client Only NER mapped to run locally.

This is called an interpretive NER. In this situation, the ER code itself exectutes on the JAS server as though it were part of the APPL. Think of it as inlining ER code in your APPL. Even thgough you can build this NER and it will generate and compile C code, the C code will never actually execute. You can actually create and code a client only NER, map it local and call it w/o ever building/compiling it.