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I'm not sure if I'm posting this to the proper location, but here goes.
I'm trying to run a report showing Asset Additions and retirements in JDE
World. I have a STAR report through Fixed Assets, Cost & Information
Reports. When I run the report, I'm getting a printout of all companies, but
the data fields are blank (almost as if no additions or retirements exist).
I've checked the fields, and they are set properly. I also ran another
report showing additions (though it's not clean; it calls depreciation a
negative addition, when I only want it to show actual asset additions), and
data exists.

Any ideas where the problem could be?


Jarrod Klunk <>


Jarrod, a couple of things.

1) Check the current period on the Override Default Information screen.

2) Check that the column amounts field has the correct value on Column
Specifications screen (AD for additions, RT for retirements, and typically
AB or PA for depreciation activity)

3) Open the fold in Column Specifications and check the fiscal year as

I found writing an addition, transfer, & retirement report a little challenging
as well. To only print assets with activity other than depreciation expense for
the year, first I created a calculated column giving me a net of all activity.
To ensure (transfer in and transfer out), or (addition and retirement) within
the same year didn't net my calculated column to zero. I multiplied each by a
different factor. For example: (C01 * 1.1 + C02 * 1.2 + C03 * 1.3 + C04 * 1.4)
with C01, C02, etc... being Additions, Transferred In, Transferred Out, and
Retirements. Then I created a Conditioned Variance on the calculated hash total,
printing assets where the value is not equal to zero. It works great. I created
a summary version showing all activity by asset account, including depreciation.
I also created a detail version, excluding depreciation, as all of my 30000+
records would be included on the report.

Remember, Transfer In Amount (TI), Transfer Out Amount (TO), and Retirement
Amount (RT), are stored in the FLBREQ, FLBAPR, and FLBORG respectively, in the
F1202 table. Therefore, values in those fields are not date sensitive, but
rather Year to Date Amounts. In other words running the report for a point in
time other than the current period, could produce a report with incorrect

Hope this Helps.

Peter Davis
Business Analyst
Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro

JKlunk <> on 16-05-2001 01:17:00 PM