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Fetching all records


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We notice some of our applications fetch all records when click find instead of showing 25 records first. Is there any setup to restrict or its a bug?


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This is most likely due to the fact that some applications have pagination turned off. Those applications would have to be individually modified. On the surface it may appear to be a very simple mod - a single property change - and for most applications it probably would be a very simple mod. However, depending on how the grid is filled this may also have no effect. Also be extremely careful when making this change as it can lead to a resource leak in certain applications, specifically if those applications fill the grid from jdeCache or something similar and are using the grid's event model to retrieve the next record (which would allow pagination). In those situations the mod would have to make sure to free any resources like jdeCache cursor handles in the event the end of the recordset is NOT reached before the user re-clicks the find button or closes the application.


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Its a grid object property. It defaults to page-at-a-time but you can change it just like any number of other properties on a form, and there are valid reasons why one might want to disable pagination. Its good that Oracle made it an option.