Fetch single and fetch next Problem


Hi ,

I'm New to JDE.

Need help from you guys.

Basically what i need is, if my LNTY not equal to 'NA' , Get the first value from DSC1.
im not getting the result,

This is my code.

F4211.Fetch Next
While SV File_IO_Status is equal to CO SUCCESS
F4211.Fetch Single
If VA rpt_sz58LineType_LNTY is not equal to "NA"
RV 58Description_DSC1 = VA rpt_sz58DescriptionLine1_DSC1
End If
F4211.Fetch Next
End While

Thanks in advance
1. you shouldn't need to do fetch single
2. include != in the select (to omit 'NA's) (then you won't need a loop)
3. make sure 58Description_DSC1 is specified in the Fetch Next


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