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When i test a bssv through SOAPUI its showing "<faultcode>wsse:FailedAuthentication</faultcode>
<faultstring>Failed to assert identity with UsernameToken."error.I already added header section with user id ,ENV and password in my request section ,but still i am facing the same.Please help me how to clear it.



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Symptom 1. Using with WLS 10.3.2. Unable to test supplier BSSV/Webservice on the server using SoapUI utility and you are receiving the below error message. You were able to test the web service a couple of weeks back. There was a new update package for custom BSSV's for deployment, but since then, have built a new bssv package without any custom objects and re-deployed and still getting the following error:

<env:Envelope xmlns:env="">
<env:Fault xmlns:wsse="">
<faultstring>Failed to assert identity with UsernameToken.</faultstring>

Cause 1.
This issue is caused by setup. The jas.ini was found in the /D:/Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/E1_Apps/servers/E1.BSSV.8012/stage/<BSSV Server>/app/E1Services-DV900-web.war/WEB-INF/classes/ directory. It should not be in this directory. Only BSSV ini's should be found here. It should not be found in this directory either: D:/JDE_HOME/targets/<BSSV Server>/config

Solution 1.
The reason why the error "JdeNetConfig: ClassNotFoundException com.jdedwards.runtime.virtual.xapi.PublishedMessageProcessor for newInstance" is occurring is because the jas.ini is found in a folder where it should not be.

1) Stop the BSSV Server on WLS.
2) Navigate to the D:/Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/domains/E1_Apps/servers/<bssv server path>/stage/<bssv server path>/app/E1Services-DV900-web.war/WEB-INF/classes/ and delete/remove the "jas.ini" file from this path.
3) Also make sure the "jas.ini" file is not present in the D:/JDE_HOME/targets/<bssv server path>/config path. If it is present please delete/remove it from this path as well.
4) Also make sure the "jdeinterop.ini" and "jdbj.ini" file present in the D:/JDE_HOME/targets/<bssv server path>/config and are properly configured. This is the path from where the ini's are loaded from.
5) Restart the BSSV Server on WLS
6) Test the Published BSSV through SOAP UI.

Basically if the "jas.ini" file is present in either the "default_path" or in the BSSV Server classpath, then it will be loaded first. This should not happen for a BSSV Server.

The above is the quick solution to your issue. To ensure you do not face this issue again when you rebuild a BSSV package and re-deploy it, do the following:

1) Navigate to the E1 Deployment Server that is being used for the BSSV Package build.
2) On the E1 Deployment Server navigate to the E1_Install_Path\Pathcode\ini\sbf path and in this path check if the "jas.ini" file is present and if it is present then delete/remove the "jas.ini file from this path.
3) BSSV package should be re-built after doing the above step so that the "jas.ini" file will not be packaged in the BSSV EAR that is built. Currently the issue is that the "jas.ini" file is present in the BSSV EAR\WAR\WEB-INF\classes path.

Whenever ini files are present on the E1 Deployment Server - E1_Install_Path\Pathcode\ini\sbf path will be packaged with the BSSV EAR. So only the BSSV related ini files like "jdeinterop.ini" , "jdbj.ini" and "LocalLogicCatalog.xml" should be present in this path.

Also found this issue when trying to add a new E1 BSSV Property Class when trying to create a new custom business service in jdev 11g. Received a pop-up login screen when trying to add any of the business service classes in jdeveloper. This happens because the JAS.ini is found in the local webdev <pathcode>/ini/sbf directory. Remove the jas.ini from this directory and restart E1 and try again.