Error When Confirm Shipment Through a BSSV


Hi Dears,

i need your help in my issue when i consume a custom BSSV that created to Confirm Shipment by calling a BSFN (ND3N4205:dcLINK Shipment Confirmation) ,its return the following error when i test it from SOAPUI after deploy it locally on my machine:

<env:Envelope xmlns:env="">
<faultstring>Failed to invoke end component oracle.e1.bssv.JP554205.ConfirmShipManager (POJO), operation=ConfirmShip
-> Failed to invoke method
-> Server Failure while executing business function. Please try request again. :dcLINKShipmentConfirmation(dcLINK Shipment Confirmation)</faultstring>

the attached file contains all response message from SOAPUIView attachment Bssv error.txt

i try debug the class but it stopped in the Manager Method and the cursor moved from the BSFN method to the Manager method without any exception could tell me where is the problem
} finally {
//Call close to clean up all remaining connections and resources.
close(context, "ConfirmShip");//its stopping here

please help me to know where is the problem.
thanks ,