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I have a need to create a utility app in JDE (9.1.3) to reverse a F4111 (CARDEX) entry and reset a SO back to a prior status.

The secenerio is like this:
1. A Sales Order is ready to ship
2. The shipping clerk processes the order through Ship Confirmation (P4205)
3. The BOL is printed
4. After the BOL is printed, it was found that the wrong items/quantities were selected, or that there is an issue with the shipment of some sort
5. CURRENTLY, in order to resolve the issue
a. The Order needs to be invoiced
b. A credit needs to be applied to the order
c. The order needs to be re-entered and processed through correctly

What I am hoping to achieve is to avoid the whole credit and re-order process and just reverse the entries created during Ship Confirm (P4205). Thereby resetting the SO back to a previous point.

What appears to be the sticky point is reversing the F4111 entry and resetting the F41021 quantities. Resetting the status's and dates is easy.

Is this possible, and if so, what business functions do I need to use in order to do this as transparently as possible?

Any advise is appreciated.


Why don't you "Pick" confirm the order at step 2 (advances the order but does not consume the inventory, but hard commits the inventory).

Then you can just cancel the order if needed. If you don't cancel the order it can consume the inventory during the Sales Update process.


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I apologize. Step 1 is post Pick Confirmation and step 2 is where the shipping clerk takes over the order.

I do NOT want to change established processes and procedures which have been in place for over 20 years now, just be able to correct the infrequent discrepancies after the fact. Everyone makes mistakes, fat fingering values, being distracted and entering a wrong value or whatever. Rather than going through the long and disruptive crediting/rebill process, I was hoping to find a short cut and reset the F4111.

I will keep looking.


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There is no standard way of reversing F4111/F41021/F4211 effects of ship confirm
What i would normally recommend is to
1. Create a new negative line on the same order and process it through ship confirm (this will "reverse" the F41021 and F4111 will have a negative and positive entry balancing each other out)
2. Blank out the unit price on both original line and new line
3. Process both lines through invoicing and sales update

As the total price is zero, there will be no A/R entries and the G/L entries will balance themselves out (if you post in detail) or will not be created at all (if you post in summary mode)

As for a utility application instead of doing this manually as per above, we developed just that for one customer
It allowed user to select an Item ledger record created from sales order. If the F4111 GL Date was blank, it would allow user to reverse the entry (Order was not processed through sales update)

Following updates were done
1) updated F41021 quantity and hardcommited fields based on the F4111 records (quantity increased, hardcommitted quantity increased),
2) updated the sales order back to ship confirm status and cleared the "on hand updated" flag SDSO02
3) Deleted the F4111 record

Worth noting is that this would only work if the sales order lines was not yet sales updated. In those cases, users still needed to create the negative sales order line manually and process it all the way through invoicing and sales update

Hope this helps
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B4101370 F41021 Update Quantities is the BSFN I use to update F41021 quantities

If an order has stock committed to it but you've not shipped it yet, the only tables affected are the SO and the F41021 (in terms of stock)
There are no cardex records you need to worry about as such (unless you used a WO to get the stock, then you'll have ICs and IMs)

So I think, all you need to to is blank the LOTN LOCN in the SO tables and repost R42995

We also have a process here call Unpack

If you do have cardex records, a process I have here for consigned stock (cancels out receipts) is I create a mirror cardex record to negate the total. SO if it shows +100 in stock I create a -100 in stock and then go on to do some other stuff.
But this principle of reversing entries is the same as what you want
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