1. E9.2 Alerta de Stock Negativo

    Buenas Noches Colegas, Espero estén bien. ¿En JD Edwards existe alguna manera nativa de INFORMAR via mail los items (litm) que se encuentren con existencias negativas (LIPQOH <0)? Se que puedo hacerlo por fuera pero ya incurriría en un desarrollo externo. Agradecido desde ya!..
  2. F4111 (CARDEX) Reverse entry

    I have a need to create a utility app in JDE (9.1.3) to reverse a F4111 (CARDEX) entry and reset a SO back to a prior status. The secenerio is like this: 1. A Sales Order is ready to ship 2. The shipping clerk processes the order through Ship Confirmation (P4205) 3. The BOL is printed 4. After...
  3. R42995 (repost) updates all location

    Good morning, We are currently in the process of upgrading from JDE 8.0 to 9.2 and changing the backend from ISeries to Oracle database. While testing all the current processes, we noticed that sales repost process updates all locations in F41021 for an item. For example, we have only one...
  4. Mike Mackinnon

    Last Receipt Date in F41021 - Defaulting from Primary

    I am having an issue with processing F47122 entries (UBE R47121) into inventory where the last receipt date (LILRCJ) is being updated with the LILRCJ from the primary location for item/branch. I have done some reading on this and apparently this is the way the system was designed and setup as...