Last Receipt Date in F41021 - Defaulting from Primary

Mike Mackinnon

Mike Mackinnon

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I am having an issue with processing F47122 entries (UBE R47121) into inventory where the last receipt date (LILRCJ) is being updated with the LILRCJ from the primary location for item/branch. I have done some reading on this and apparently this is the way the system was designed and setup as the default process. I am wondering if anyone has seen this before and tried to amend the way this is processed either by doing some setup changes like document type changes or something similar?

It is causing a problem as the inventory that is adjusted in to F41021 now appears as having an older receipt date than when it was actually received/adjusted into inventory. We are using a custom document type (I6) to do these adjustments into inventory.
Maybe I need to populate another field in F47122? I do't think so but thought I'd reach out for any suggestions.

Also Reference Oracle document ID 2107481.1 for related documentation on updates to F41021. It appears that this is the way the F4114EditLine is processing the new line in F41021.

I have raised a ticket with Oracle support. I will update should I (they?) come up with a solution.
This seems like a BUG to me...