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We are in process of making the Euro Conversion and ran across a couple of things that are so obvious we can't believe its true !!
1) F03B11 is multiplying the amount instead of dividing.
2) F4211 is not considering the UoM conversion (selling UoM vs stocking UoM) thus the amount is off by the UoM conversion factor; and it is not managing the decimal places correctly (ITL is converted to EUR and the EUR amount is given zero decimals as if it was ITL).

Anybody have a similar experience?




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We are in the same process on Xe at a client site. We encountered the same 1) problem. This also happens in A/P. There is a SAR/ESU for it that fixes the problem. Better said: moves the problem to a wrong exchange rate.

Wrong exchange rates occur throughout the system (like an exhchange rate of -2000).

The only way to make sure the conversion runs correct is to create several consistancy reports between your pre and your post conversion environment.

Hope this helps,

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