ESU Revert

Ankit Kathpalia

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Hi All,

I wanted to check if someone can suggest the best way to revert the ESU. Even though Oracle says it can be reverted by keeping the back up, but we landed up into issues. Can anyone suggest some other manual way by which we can revert the ESU and restore the objects touched.

Where has the ESU been applied?
If you do as suggested in another thread and only apply to DV first, and manually promote after testing, then go to the DV project it created, and do an "Advanced Get" on each of the objects from PD, regenerate any that need it, and repackage.

If it's already in PD, then you are looking at a full roll back probably.
As David R said - the old Advanced Get routine. If it's already in Production - another option might be to take the Last Full Build, and subsequent builds 'up to, and EXCLUDING' the offending ESU.

Generally, I press for a Full Build before any major ESU.

The outstanding issue is - what about the Special Instructions? Sometimes, they just can't be easily reversed...