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Hi folks,

We are currently engaging in taking ESUs for Polish localisation. I've identified 3 objects that will require retrofitting.

Sadly other ESUs we've taken are not in all our environments. DV900 has been heavily loaded with ESUs (800+) that due to testing requirements have never left DV900.
So as a result 2 of those 3 objects are now also affected in DV900 by the extra ESUs. (the code is different ion DV900 than PD900)

How do I best get around this? As pushing all 800 ESUs up along with the Polish ESUs is not feasible with the time constraints we have.

My suggestion is to take the 2 affected objects down from PD900, check in. Apply the Polish ESUs and retro fit.

Would this work?


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Yeah, that can get messy. I think it depends how safe you want to be and your approach to ESUs (do you install in each env or migrate/do you backup objects before ESU). Wouldn't the safest possible approach look something like:
- save off the 3 objects to par files from PD - current state for rollback of your ESU
- save off the 3 objects to par in DV - current 800+ ESU state for rollback of your ESU
- bring the objects down from PD
- apply ESU to DV (with backup) and retrofit
- migrate to PD
- restore (uninstall) the ESU in DV or restore the 3 objects from par- (uninstall ESU keeps CNC happy and system changes documented since you are going to reinstall it shortly)
- restore the 2 objects from par in DV to get back to original DV
- reapply ESU to DV and retrofit

This assumes PY matches PD. Are there any ESUs in PY that affect your objects?
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There are no ESUs in PY we don't have in Dv that effect these objects no...but I'll double check....and check again :)

I am hoping that the Polish ESUs are interdependent and all have all the objects they need to work together, if they move up in harmony together then there should be no issue as they are not referencing objects outside of the localisation. If they were they'd be in the recommended list to take.

My only worry is they 'may' refer to objects outside of the Polish ESUs that are somehow different.....but the 800+ objects won't be moving in theory I should be ok

Messy :)

Thanks for your help. I've saved the DV objects off. I'll