ESU Implementation procedure


We are in the process of creating a formal ESU implementation procedure -
does anybody have a "formal" step-by-step process already in place for that?
(starting from ESU evaluation, DV implementation, testing, promotion to PD,
roll-back, etc).

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Adrian Oanta

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Yes !

Please reference my website for a document - OneWorld Xe ESU Update Procedures - listed under "Reference" and "Whitepapers" from

This document has already interested JDE in considering an expanded document along the same lines - a "best practices" OMW configuration document - which is sorely needed.

In the document, you'll see that I recommend installing JDE ESU's to a Pristine pathcode. Other threads have comments on this - but the view is to implement ESU's to a staging area, ready for promotion to Development/PY and eventually PD by using OMW. This staging area allows for those customers who have already performed development on the objects to utilize Visual ER Compare to check code manually - a little like an automatic paperfix !

By making sure that an ESU does not get deployed into DV, PY or PD - one can ensure that the ESU doesn't muck up your code - something that has been the biggest complaints for customers.

At my customers, I have configured OMW the same each time - and those customers have hundreds (if not thousands) of custom objects - and each have installed dozens of ESU's without a single issue.

Hope that helps.

Jon Steel
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