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E9.2 MRP branch implementation

I am an engineer guiding the branch's Purchasing and Production team to start operating on the MRP applications for our JDE E1 v9.2 system. I am relatively new to MRP as a process engineer with an industrial engineering background. I interned at this company previously, and trained, tested, and went live with full MRP - however I had to leave 1 week after going live due to school. I understand the communication between Purchasing & Production is critical, and that the MRP input data needs to be clean and precise for good messages - but I am seeking a higher-level perspective on how to approach the general process of implementation from professionals and engineers who have done this before.

Therefore I am looking for general guidance as to how my team should operate once going live and running the back-and-forth game with IT and our branch to make sure the tool is working for us. Any advice or pointers for implementation goals or communication plans would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!


Legendary Poster
If you don't have anyone in the organization with MRP/ERP Understanding AND Experience your organization could be in the 75% ...

"... it can be easy to underestimate the time, effort and resources needed to successfully implement and maintain an ERP. Analysts have found that roughly 75 percent of ERP projects fail."


Beware of the users who like to have a PICNIC - Problem / In / Chair / Not / In / Computer ..... often you will be told - especially with MRP - "that it doesn't work" - when the truth is the user is having a PICNIC ... MRP is not easy to understand and its even harder to master ... Oracle Knowledge site is essential... so are sites like JDETIPS.COM .... the resources are out there... take your time as " you can only eat an Elephant one bite at a time" ... Hindu Proverb .... MRP is one very BIG ELEPHANT ...