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ESU application not working in Deployment server( DEp910 and JDEPLAN)


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There could be several reasons for this -- look at Doc ID 1342717.1, for example. You may need to turn on debug to see exactly where it went wrong. There are several other documents you'll find if you search support for E1CopyTableXML.login.


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Hi Friends,

issue is resolved.
Steps below followed:
added security server in jas.ini of Deployment server \\JDEdwards\E910\SYSTEM\OC4J\j2ee\home\applications\webclient.ear\webclient\WEB-INF\classes
added security server in jde.ini of Deployment server.(blanking out the security server in jde.ini could not see environment to select while applying Planned ESU).
After success of applying Planner ESU to DV , F9670,F9071 tables populated in planner database.

Full package going into error:
copied allowextensions values from metalink(though jde.inis of dep and E1 servers had latest values for allowedextensions , might be sequence was not correct)
Copied build section JDE_CG content from metalink. yet BSFNs not building.
there was one invalid directory(makdir parameter) location copied from metalink. removed that invalid path from jde.ini.
heed while copying these section from metalink. verify with your visual studio directory structure.

Finally build full package without errors.