ER - Compare / JDE vs Copied Objects


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OK, the rule is, you don't mod JDE Objects... so we are supposed to copy,
then make mods to the copy...

Along comes a monster ESU - that updates every ER section in an
applications... The big boss will then say, "Daniel, will you please apply
all the ESU modifications to that 'copied' application we are using."

ER-Compare only, apparently, allow the compare of liked named objects. I
can compare what is checked out to my machine against any other 'like named
and type' object in authorized environments....

But that doesn't help me if I made a copy and now need to compare my copy
(diff named) object against the ESU Updated JDE Object...

I was told the following:
Here is the SAR to be able to compare the standard P4210 with the custom
P554210 using the visual ER tool. The SAR number is 5265585.

However, can anyone else locate SAR 5265585? I can't seem to locate it in
the KG

Daniel Bohner
[email protected]
JDE - XE & AS/400
JDE - B7331 & MS SQL 7x
Hi Daniel,
Just a silly but maybe usable hint.

Create again a renamed/copy of the original object after you applied the ESU under a separate Path Code or under a Custom Path Code (or a Save Location???). After you have done it you are ready to use Visual ER Compare on your renamed/copy object.

OK, I know, it needs some OMW setup and maybe some play with the token under XE.

Daniel, could it work for you?

Good luck anyway,

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)
Hi Daniel,

For compare only you can use “windiff.exe”. It is pretty rudimentary tool but it works.

Hope this helps.

Hi Daniel,

If you can re-deploy that ESU you can copy P4210 into something else (P4210R), copy P554210 into P4210 and re-deploy ESU (with “Merge Option” set to 1 on P4210). I made my modification on P4210 and ESU merged properly (B733.2). That can maybe save you a lot of time and if that fail it is easy to copy P4210R back into P4210.

Hope this helps.

Hi David,
I found the SAR "5265585 Visual ER and Comparing Object SystemH95 " and it
is "Pending Review", which probably means adios on a solution.

Bill Feeney
JDE Technical Developer
B733.2, SP 13.1, Unix, Oracle 8.1.6

Bill Feeney
B7332 SP 13.1 Sun Unix Oracle 8.1.6
Microsoft Word also has a compare function that highlights the changes
between two documents. Load one of your printed text documents, go to the
tools menu, track changes, compare documents. Put in the name of your next
text document and Word will highlight the changes.