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We copied a stock object from Pxxxx to P55xxxx because we thought it better to do that than to modify the stock object.

Now we are applying some patches and the stock object is changing. In the past we have compared the stock object to our custom copied object and done our best to change our copied version to match the new stock object (but with our modifications).

My question is it possible to "rebase" our custom object based on the stock object and just apply our changes after rebasing it?

UPDATE 1: So I think I can extract the .par file created from a save and change all the stock objects name to non stock names. But is there a way to package a par file without jde?

TIL: .par is nothing more than .zip file renamed.....

UPDATE 2: using http://sourceforge.net/projects/findandreplace/ to find and replace filenames and files.

UPDATE 3: I was able to modify the xml and restore it over the P55xxxx object. After a compare both P55xxxx and Pxxxx are identical. My only issue is that I get this error when restoring the object. (see error.png attached). What does this mean?

UPDATE 4: Everything has gone horrible wrong. Scenerio- I open P55xxxx in FDA, make a couple changes to ER's. Save. Run HTML, it works and i'm happy. I checkout the Pxxxx, open in FDA. Exit, Run HTML, it works i'm happy. I open P55xxxx go to my ER change and it's been restored to stock. I'm all like, wtf?!

UPDATE 5: In the specs of the par coming out of each object is a folder GBRSPEC inside there are xml files that hold the event rule logic. those are linked from the xml files inside the folder GBRLINK by the EventSpecKey values. So when I restore the P55xxxx object it must be overriding the existing spec(spec EventSpecKey for the Pxxxx). Which appears to be stored in F98741 by that same xml file. THEN when i checkout the Pxxx object it is overwriting those event rules in my local spec(Reverting any changes I had made to the P55xxxx Event Rules).

UPDATE 6: Gave up.


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