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kiran g

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Hey guys,
I am installing JDE ONe 8.10 on windows 2000 server machine.
I have installed ENterprise server.I have one doubt.Where is the UI for Enterprise server ??
I have installed JAS (HTML web server on Webshpere 5.0)
Do we have to install the enterprise server on the JAS and then run applications on ES ???..
Also is the JAS same as security server mentioned in the JDE.ini file ??
I looked in windows install guide but it is not very clear about what each thing is (like what is the use of JAS)..If you can suggest any good book to download/ purchase ..it will be helpful to me ..


Sebastian Sajaroff

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Hi Abhijit,

1. There no's UI on the ES (Enterprise Server).
2. JAS and ES are separate installations (even if they
could theoretically reside on the same box), you need
an ES up and running for your JAS.
3. Security Server is provided by ES, not by JAS.

I think that a CNC training would be VERY useful to
you, you may look for them at


click on Category = JDEdwards EnterpriseOne - Tools and
Technology and then search according to your location and

Good luck,

Sebastian Sajaroff

kiran g

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Hey thanks for info..
Let me go into more detail.I want to write a sample application that will read data from JDE OneWorld tables(.i.e. I shud be able to list oupt all the applications available in JDE and then I shud be able to import the tables and its contents) and also write data into JDE.What are the components that I need to install and configure...
Till now I have installed

Deployment Server +
Oracle :-
(on the same Box1- windows 2000 server)

Enterprise server +
oracle client +
Websphere 5.0.2 +
JAS (HTML Web server)
:-(on Box2 - windows 2000 server )

I can start the ES service (PSFT E810 B9 Network) successfully.

1) What else need to be installed and configured for the requirement I stated above?????

I ran the Java addressbook sample application but when the Connector.getInstance.login(usr,pwd,env,role) APi is fired I am geting a null poinetr Exception...

2) What is the problem..where to look ???



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You mean people actually implement or try the stuff we spew out??!!??

Here I thought this was just a bunch of people who wanted to sound like they know something...hmmm, I've got to start worrying about what I say now.


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There is a line you may want to draw between the desire to help those in need and doing someones job or homework for them.

It is a nice thing to be able to ask for help and then return the favor to someone else down the line.

Some may do it for their ego, some may do it for monetary gain, some may do it out of compulsion...


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Yes, these questions are a blatant misuse of the intent of the jdelist in my opinion. I do not believe that legitimate questions have been left unanswered but the sheer volume of questions surrounding this install makes it obvious that this is basically the installer's first experience in installing EOne.

I do not believe the JDELIST was ever intended to be a replacement for training and experience. I think these posts are crossing the line from "asking for help" to basically asking for the JDELIST members to actually perform the install.

Feel free to disagree with my opinion (I do not have as many posts here as others) but to me these questions belong in a class room and not on a free advice list.


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my goodness...have we lost our holiday spirit? First Bill's post...now this.

Folks...been doing this for lot's of time...I learn something new every day. Something that might seem "stupid" or "basic" to another. I haven't used and had experience with E1 8.11 TR 8.95_C1...has everyone else had training and experience with this?? I think not. I also see, first hand, the stupid decisions made by company C level officials that should know better...but they still cut IT staff/training at the first hint of "we need to make the budget smaller". People are forced into situations they didn't ask for...and I call myself a E1 professional, but my "knowledge" comes from experience and the sharing of information from sources like this...I certainly haven't been getting training.

I mean, there are organizations running E1 in production, without a true CNC resource...just to save money...is that the fault of the person asking for help and opinions, or the absolutely stupid decision makers for not having the business sense to see the value of either getting proper support or paying for training?

While I realize the general experience/knowledge level on this forum is above average or higher...let's remember that we ARE a resource on the internet...if you feel that someone is not worthy of help or assistance, just don't offer.

Hopefully, we see that the 'purpose' of this forum is to exchange information, as employees, consultants, or simply fans of this ERP system from a technology perspective. I looked to this forum when I first started with OW/E1 in 1999, and have saved months/years of time with the timely and good information I could not have gotten anywhere else...I think of it as a sort of Social Security in reverse, I was helped a lot when I knew nothing, now perhaps I can help some when I've realized that I still know nothing, but at least a little more than I did before.

I know there are newbies here that are probably being thrust into handling the organization's OW/E1 system and have been told there will be no training...thing about what that must be like. I get chills just thinking about my first Fusion installation, because I know I won't have training. But think about being saddled with an ENTIRE OW/E1 system, no training, company doesn't want to pay for consulting, but says "you can wing it".

End of day...we're all in the same boat...dealing with the technology aspects of a very complex, very customizable system, trying to get answers faster than having to rely on information from a slow moving software vendor's help line, when the quality of experience here is obviously exponentially greater.

I know if I were a newbie...I'd be asking things here rather than of GSC...and the decision of my training would probably not be mine.


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Bill's post was apparently in response to someone quite familiar with English. Perhaps you misinterpreted it as a xenophobic stab?

How about an analogy? This is strictly my opinion and I do not speak for my employer or anyone else on JDEList.

Customer buys a brand new automobile. Customer (within their rights) refuses to buy an extended warranty for the car and decides they will take the car to their local garage after the regular warranty expires.

The guy at the local garage down the street has never worked on this type of vehicle before - he has never received any training on this new technology and can only scratch his head when he lifts the hood. The customer knows this but is enticed by cheaper service charges. He has several options -

The mechanic can refuse to work on the car citing lack of experience and training. "We specialize in Brand X vehicles, not Brand Y." The mechanic decides not to seek proper training and lets all of his customers know what he will and will not work on in the future. He sends the customer to a Brandy Y authorized service center or back to their dealership.

The mechanic can refuse to work on the car citing lack of experience and training. The mechanic decides he will seek proper training and lets all of his customers know that, in the future, he will be able to work on certain new vehicles. In the mean time he offers them a free car wash and discounted floor mats.

The mechanic can accept the work and "do his best", which may in fact cause the customer more problems - please excuse the expression - down the road. During the course of repairing the car, mechanic hits a few snags.

Hmm...can't call the manufacturer because they are tied up with their dealerships and certified mechanics. He can call a dealership and try to beg some information out of one of their mechanics, but they want to protect their jobs. Why should the dealership mechanic shovel free advice to this guy if it might ultimately take food out of his babe's mouths? Will little Johnny care that his father was in the holiday spirit and wanted to "share the knowledge" with his competitor?

The dealership mechanic can choose to offer some tidbit of information (truthful tidbit of course) and send him on his way, but he will probably not offer to fix the car for free on his own time. He also won't like it very much if the Mom and Pop mechanic calls back 16 times during the course of the next week. If this happens, he might offer his services for a fee, knowing he might be jeopardizing his employment status with the dealership. This is the risk he takes if he chooses to go out on his own.

The rub is that he only takes with him the knowledge he gained on the job, which he is free to keep, but loses the ability to inquire on new things and will have to pay for the new training the same as everyone else....


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that was an even longer winded reply than mine. Folks...this is a FREE, HELPFUL, forum. If you don't want to help a poster...don't. But we shouldn't be making people feel they are asking stupid questions...I'm still asking stupid questions to the day.

My point was and is...you don't wanna help...don't...just don't make the questioner feel stupid. I'm stupid too...but I don't want to see posts on a "FREE" service that makes me not want to post.

As an experienced e1 consultant...sometimes the newbies questions reveal an error in a new release or service pack...communicaton is key.

getting off the soapbox...



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Funny, I hadn't noticed this forum was "free". It seems to me that it is advertiser sponsored and community supported. When I visit the website I view the same advertisements as everyone else.

Saying that my reply was long winded almost made me "not want to post".

It seems you are confusing this thread with countless others that have nothing to do with this one and you're missing the point. You make a valid point about helping out the newbies. But clearly, based on the number of posts I've seen one the other side of the fence, you are just a single voice in the crowd.


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No matter what people think of this list and your approach to using it, the bottom line is that it is hard (read impossible) is to have a full multi-tier JDE setup from scratch and on your own without somebody with experience and training guiding you. It will never work right, trust me. You will finish one part and the next (packages, gava gens, ESU...) will get harder, because you missed something. I have seen some of your other posts, and if all you are trying to do is get this setup to have a feel for the application and tables (so you can develop something) why don't you try DEMO (OneWorld Standalone)? It is much easier to install and it may get you what you need.