Enterprise Server, s1t files


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Dear List,

Has anyone seen s1t files (e.g. s1t4.3pv, s1t4.3pl, etc) at the root drive of the Enterprise Server? They are all small files but we see 80,000 of them and they are affecting our backup process. I think they are some kind of transaction files (those that I've seen referred to our OneWorld PDFs and printers). I would like to find out whether it's okay to delete them. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Tet Hadavas

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I get these too.
They are related to printing and Denver said they were ok to delete, so I keep recent ones and delete the old ones.


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Yes, those files e.g. s1t4.3pv, s1t4.3pl, etc are created when the .pdf are
created..sometimes they are not deleted properly. I have had them at every
place I have worked (three places, different versions of OW), you can delete
them without any problems.


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PS - to whomever said to scan for 'jdelist' in the body of the message,
thanks! I should have thought of it - it works perfectly.


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These are PDF working files that get created and not deleted. You can go
ahead and delete them without consequence. I put in a call to JDE about a
year a go for this very same issue.


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re[2]: Enterprise Server, s1t files

>> Do you have a third-party printing solution?

Yes, we use Create!Form. Thanks to everyone who responded.

Tet Hadavas


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I had this problem and fixed it about a year ago. If I remember correctly,
it is an ini setting on the server. Check you ini file and make sure all of
your paths have the full path as <drive letter:>\<path> not just <path>.

If this does not work call support, they are the ones that told me how to
fix it.


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William “Brian” Wilkinson
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