Employee Job Scheduling


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In our current legacy system, production workers use computer screens to report pieces and time to work order operations. For our Xe system we purchased Kronos to perform this function which works quite well. In an effort to eliminate the manual preparation of shop floor paper, I was wondering if anybody was scheduling production workers to specific work orders via a computerized system. In our legacy system there are no shop floor documents. When a production worker first clocks on for the day, they get their first work order operation assignment and are clocked on to it. As they complete their first job of the day (signing off of the job and reporting their pieces), their next job assignment is displayed to them and are then clocked on to that work order operation. Each production worker has their jobs queued up prior to their shift (and on going) by their supervisor who uses a operation dispatch list. So far I haven't found any software that does this. If would appreciate it if someone knows of any if they could let me know. I'd rather not have to build one from scratch.

Keith Papenfuss
The Vollrath Co., LLC
Xe, SP14.2, Coexistent, AS/400, NT, WTS