E9.2 Embedded Application on Composed Page Blanking Out



An embedded application acts normally when the user logs into the composed page. If the user enters an application and returns to the page, the embedded application doesn't reappear.
Normal View:

After returning from an application:

If I refresh the page, the application drops any defined formatting or can even drop the other embedded applications.

Any ideas as to what may be causing this issue? I have other pages with dual embedded applications that work without issue. This page has the same application/version in both positions but with different PERSFORM, GRID, and defined QUERIES. Could that be creating a conflict? Anyone else had this occur?

Thanks in advance!


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Thanks for allowing me to solve my own problem by typing it out. LOL. Apparently having the same application/version in two different embedded application windows on the composed page was confusing JDE. I changed the version displayed in the second window and everything is just fine now. Hopefully this helps someone else in the future.
I often find code gets 'scared' of being on JDEList and often solves itself as I type or ask a mate for help.

It's good to leave the issue and solution up for others though :)