E9 Euro upgrade - Knowledge Garden fixes


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The Knowledge Garden has published a number of SAR fixes after the Release 6
tape. To guarantee that your Euro upgrade runs your fixed programs instead
of those shipped on tape, do this:
- Submit the upgrade, and run PTF_STEP1, placing PTF_STEP2 on hold.
- After PTF_STEP1 completes, copy your fixed programs into library
A73PC000E9, overlaying existing objects.
- Release and run PTF_STEP2.

Programs affecting us at this time are: P0911E, P30008E, P4201E, P4211E,
P4301E, P43121E, P47011.
JDE told me they plan to make available a more current version of the E9

Eric Lehti    Certified JD Edwards Professional
Fike Corporation, mailto:[email protected]
A73 Cume 10, AS/400 9406-730, OS/400 V4R4