Purge Menus are missing from Euro ptf (E9)


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JDE neglected to include the file purge menus (G00231, G002312, G00233,
G00234, G00234, G002341, G002342, G00235, G00236, G00237) with the Euro
conversion PTF (E9). These menus are a consolidated area for all the
recommended file purge programs that you perform prior to the Euro upgrade.
The programs (J00PURGE, J09811, J0911, J09912, J03800, J04800, etc.) already
exist on other menus.

You can get the menus off the A73 CU12 upgrade tape, or from the A81 CU3
upgrade tape (this is described on Knowledge Garden Breaking News document
'Missing Purge Menus')

Keep us informed on your Euro conversion project!

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