E9.2 E1Pages - changes to an existing E1page are not displaying


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Dear List,

We are having a strange issue where the developer when trying to make changes to an existing E1Page, the changes do not get reflected. I checked MOS and see the "E1PageCheckInterval" jas.ini setting is set to default 5 mins. I also went ahead and bounced the JAS HTML servers (including the AIS) but nothing seems to be taking the change. I also had the developer clear the browser cache.

If we drop the E1Pages and have the developer recreate it, they can see the changes.

We are on 9.2 update 2, TR, Windows 2016, SQL Server 2016, WebLogic

Anyone has noticed this or has any ideas on how to fix it.



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Did you approve/share the updated E1 Page in UDO Administration app? (whether created in that environment or promoted from a lower environment)


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Don, In DV I already see it at status 08 (shared). You mean I need to still click on Approve/Share even though the status says 08? Do I need click on publish as well?