E9.2 UBE R33815 getting submitted to wrong port randomly


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We are facing a strange issue where one fo the MFG UBE version, R3382_CRI0001 which has a report interconnect call to R33815_XJDE0001 gets randomly submitted to one of the ports (6003) which does not exist on our Enteprise Server.

The behaviour ois not consistent and happens only for this particualr version of the parent UBE - R3382_CRI0001.

The result of this is that R33815_XJDE0001 errors out and keeps the R3382_CRI0001 in processing state forever.

We tried to find a root cause why the UBE would get submitted to port 6003 which does not exist in any INI config files or anywhere. We even checked the jdeinterop.ini (because 6003 is the default interop port in JDE) but this UBE does not use interoperability. The ER code of both the UBE's does not have any hardconding of th eport either. Moreover this happens randomly and we are unable to establish a trend or a pattern when it submits to 6003.

Any clues where we can check to find the cause of the child UBE submitting to a port (6003) which does not exist will be helpful.


E9.2 Update 2
WebLogic 12c, Windows 2016, SQL Server 2016


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I would try clearing the cached specs on the ES where R33815 is running. I can't think of a reason why this should cure a randomly occurring error, but they can get corrupted, and it has no real down side.