E1 - JDE flat file processes running very slowly


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We are on JDE E1 release 9.0. Just recently upgraded from tools 8.98.42 to This upgrade just occurred this past weekend Oct 25. Everything has been running pretty smoothly until today.

Today, Friday Oct 30 around 10 am all of our batch processes that use some sort of JDE business function to write to a flat file appeared to freeze. We have multiple critical processes that are batch jobs that run either B4700230 (Copy Flat File) or B34A1010 (Write Line to Flat File). These jobs were not actually frozen but running incredibly slowly. Using process monitor it appeared that these jobs were actually writing 1 byte at a time, hence the incredible slowness.

After an hour or two of trying to figure out what the heck was going on, looking at the network, and at the servers that the files were being written to, we decided to reboot the Enterprise Server to see if that would have an effect. It did. These processes went back to running normally.

See the attached for an image showing the processes writing one byte at a time. Note that these processes that use Flat File functions were the only ones affected. Rebooting resolved the issue currently but we had never seen this before. While it was occurring, there seem to be nothing on our Enterprise Server causing this, they were just running incredibly slowly, so slowly as to be useless.

Any thoughts from anyone as to what might have caused this type of issue, or how to find the root cause if it should occur again would be appreciated.