Dual currency - diamond manufacturing


We are in the process of implementing JDE Xe. This is a diamond
manufacturer. The company imports rough diamonds and sells after polishing
those. The procurement and sale is in USD, company currency is INR. Most of
the reporting is in USD.

The rough diamonds (FROM) are reclassified after receipt into various item
numbers (TO). While reclassifying, client wants to attach rate to individual
items in dollars. This rate (in USD) of items, being reclassified into,
keeps on changing from one receipt to another.

As the company currency is INR we have presently thought of arriving at an
equivalent rate in INR using ERW (to convert USD into INR). This is an
additional step. Is there any way we can avoid it?

Item ledger is in INR, is there any way in which we can express it in terms
of USD?

Has anyone faced similar situation?

Suggestions welcome.

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You might want to take a look at advanced stock valuation. This allows you
to compare opening and closing amounts as well as differing valuation
methods. It does allow dual currency. Take a look at menu G39. Also
review the valuation method comparison, P39200.

Joe Mulrooney