Downloading AS/400 Output to Adobe


We generate reports on the AS400 and wish to send these reports via email to other users. We would like to save the report as an adobe .pdf file and retain all page breaks.

We have client access express and have tried the transfer option, but it has been unsuccessful. I was told that we can try to add the adobe driver as a remote printer definition available from the AS/400. But, they had never done this before.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Tanya Hines,
TLLC, Inc.
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You can download a trial copy of the software from this site.
It will extract spool entries either interactively or in batch mode and you
can create .txt, .doc, .pdf or .htm files - we use .pdf and it works fine.
The software includes functionality allowing you to extract and email a
report automatically.
This is a VERY economical solution and worth trying.
The download version allows you to extract small reports only, otherwise it
is fully functional.
For clarification, our only relationship with this company is as a client.
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There is a program on the AS400network site called CVTSPLSTMF that can
convert spool files to HTML, ASCII text, or PDF. I have tried it out just
to experiment so I don't know how well it would work in a production
environment. The program is from an article in News/400, July 2000 and can
be downloaded if you are a Professional Member of AS400network.

Doug Belcher
KV Pharmaceutical
St Louis MO
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Doug Belcher
St Louis MO
Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of my employer


Thanks to everyone for responding. We are researching the various suggestions offered and will give an update.


Tanya Hines
TLLC, Inc.
WorldSoftware A7.3 Cum 9 V4R5


We are evaluating a software called Flashmail/400. It allows an AS/400 user
to email AS/400 spool files in several formats including PDF, RTF, TXT and
HTML directly from the AS/400. You can also automate the process so that
when ever a report is generated it is sent to a specified email address.
This software can also attach the AS/400 data files as an Excel readable
You can contact them at

Muzaffar Ahmad
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So what did you end up doing??

Suni Sommers
Foss Maritime Company


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Since this was a post from last year and you are responding now I am
assuming you need help with sending an AS/400 report to a PDF file. I do
this same thing frequently and thought this might be helpful. I have Adobe
Acrobat installed on my PC and just created a client access printer
definition pointing it to the Acrobat Distiller printer which is
automatically created when Acrobat is installed. When the print file
downloads and converts, it then prompts you for the file name and folder
with a standard MS save window. Finally, it automatically displays the
results in an Acrobat Reader window. If you don't already have a copy of
Adobe Acrobat I have seen version 5.0 at for $188 plus shipping (I
have not used this company). Hope this helps.

Michael J. Iaconis
Soar Technology Solutions

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Can you give some specifics on creating the client access printer and how
you are downloading the spool file?

Thank you


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re:" "Since this was a post from last year and you are responding now I am
assuming you need help with sending an AS/400 report to a PDF file. "

Sorry, I should have included more information. Yes, I am looking to
automate getting JDE reports out to clients who don't have printer sessions,
or who are on a dial up line with a slow connection. I know there are
utilities to download the spool file(s) to a .pdf format which can then be
emailed (or faxed) out. I am hoping to find something that will automate
the process as much as possible so that our IT staff doesn't have to babysit
the process, and yet is extremely cost effective as we are talking very low
volume. And so, I am looking at what works for others on the list. Thanks!

Suni Sommers
Foss Maritime Co.


We use a software package called ROBOT. This software does a number of things for you. We use it to run all our backups and run any jobs we want to automate. Through this we run jobs on a weekly basis and it creates the reports and writes them out to folders in PDF format. Robot will also seperate the report for you. for example, the report is a sales report for the whole company, the president wants to see the whole thing but you also want to break the report apart by salesman. Robot will run the report and bases on the spool file it creates it will break it up into any number of reports that you want to send out.