Retiring the AS/400. Need to Archive World Custom Code


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We migrated from World to E1 9.2 in December of 2017. However, we left World running for historical purposes.

At this point, we are looking to retire the AS/400 and we would like to archive the RPG code for reference in case we need to duplicate additional Reports and/or Processes.

How do you pull the RPG Code (assuming that it is text files) off of the AS/400? When I go in to look at the code, I use the following thru PDM/Work with Members:

1: File = JDESRC
2: Library = ***MODSRC (need to keep the beginning secure)

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One of my cat's least favorite sayings is "there's more than one way to skin a cat".

You COULD use the excel add-in to "transfer data from IBM i" looking at ***MODSRC/JDESRC(member).
I'm not saying this is the ONLY way, the BEST way,or that it's useful to get ALL source, but it is an option.


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Here's a way to use FTP to transfer source members...

Create a "script file" for FTP (e.g. SourceCode_Transfer.txt) and enter these FTP command lines:

user MyUserId MyPassWord
cd ***MODSRC
prompt off
mget JDESRC.*

Then perform the following steps to create a directory, change to the directory and activate the FTP script. Remember to
replace SYSTEMNAME with your Network name for the AS400/iSeries/i

MD C:\SourceCode
CD C:\SourceCode
FTP -d -n -s:C:\SourceCode_Transfer.TXT SYSTEMNAME

Now sit back and *wait* ... lol