Distinguish between Production and QA


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We are on E1 9.0, tools 8.98.42.

Our users often assist in QA or UAT testing and have even occiasionally accidently entered transactions intended for production into the QA environment. They have URLs saved for the JDE Production and JDE environments in their favorites and just choose the wrong one.

After signing in, they essentially look the same except for JPD900 or JPY900 in the upper right hand of the screen.

Anyone have any ideas as to how to make the screens look substantially differnt between environments? Making them a differnt color or in some other way making it obvious to the user what environment they are in?

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Altering the login screen and the graphics for the signed-in user is the best method of achieving this. I've used a "stoplight" style system, where Green is Development, Yellow is Testing and Red is Production to success in the past. I think others have already posted links to how to modify the HTML. However, remember that you likely have to modify the graphics if you deploy a tools release...
Also remember as has been mentioned in other threads, Oracle does not support this practice and it may lead to issues if you send them a screen shot with the color changed.
Has anyone actually experienced an issue with support after changing colors/graphics in JDE ? Even though its an "unsupported" practice - I'd be surprised if they actually didn't support an implementation because of it !

You could always create an "E1 page" once the user logged in with a big animation that said something like "This is PRODUCTION" and flashed a few times....a custom E1 page would be perfectly supportable for those that were nervous about modifying the login screen...