Displaying Reminder Messages at JDE Home Screen


Is there a way in E1 to display a reminder message on the home screen when a user logs in to notify them of a certain event? And can it be turned on or off interactively? Maybe a third-party app?

For example our payroll manager is about to run the payroll process but wants to remind specific users not to enter any payroll related transactions. Usually, the payroll manager sends out an email but experience has shown that it's not reliable and users will either not see the email or forget when they eventually log into JDE. It would be nice to be able to do this interactively so that before the payroll manager runs payroll they can turn the message on and then when the payroll process is complete, turn the message off. It would also be nice to be able to do this for specific roles so that not all users have to see the message. Is this possible?

I know that there are break messages that the CNC administrator can send out to notify users that the system is going down but we need something that wouldn't involve having the CNC administrator do it every time payroll is run.

Any advice or experience with this type of process would be appreciated!



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Well, setting a message to be seen at login that you're about to run payroll wouldn't be very effective for those users already logged in ...

Have you considered the Message broadcast capability in Server Manager? With that you can broadcast to select users or all and it will display the next time they hit a button in JDE ...


Hi Larry

You have a good point. We're trying to avoid having CNC involved in this process but it seems like we may have to unless we could somehow create a custom app that can do the message broadcast just like in Server Manager.



We created a custom report that changes the Application/Action records in the Security table (F00950) to not allow access to time keepers. Once payroll all managers have approved their time then Payroll Accountant runs the custom report to "Lockout" time entry. Time entry remain locks until HR completed all changes for the next pay period and run another version of the custom report to "Unlock" time entry. This prevents anyone from entering time before salary changes are made and that time records has the wrong rate of pay. Been working for us since we went live with HR/PR back in 2004.