Diff b/w running a report in Tools--Enterprise One Menu and DV Web server?



Could any one let me know the difference b/w local web client and DV Web server?


To be run on the DEV Web server, we have to deploy the object.

We run it locally if we want to see the output of the report/application without deploying to the server.
Sometimes, long running reports quits in between if run locally.
Reports don't run on the web client; the web client will submit them to the enterprise server (which may be the same machine).
Running a report locally, some differences compared to an enterprise server:
- local is a win client, and the DV batch server may not be
- anything to do with files, PDF, CSV, flat files etc, local jobs will use a windows path, server maybe not
- networks locations you can see locally may not be the same for the server
- some business functions are set to run locally only, and will work in a UBE run locally, but will fail on a server
- environment mapping; DVxxx will have most BFSN mapped locally, which could be different from JDVxxx, for example. Less common but possible for tables etc.