Development from Citrix Servers


I've been told that you cannot develop from a Citrix Server with the exception of the Report Design tool. Is this really true or is there a way to actually use the tool set from Citrix.

James Ingram
Actually, Report Design won't run there either. End-users can create
versions of existing templates but cannot design templates or versions on
Citrix. Any of the development tools executed on the terminal server will
report the following error:
'You may not execute any of the OneWorld Development tools on this Windows
terminal server. Please do not try this again.'.

If you do try again, you simply get the same error... again.

Thanks, Don
I've been told that any development, including RDA, can not be done from
Citrix. However, when pressed, JDE response line says that you can add the
user to an owdeveloper NT group and that will give you access to check out,
develop and check in on Citrix.

Larry Williams
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OW B7331 sp10.1 AS400
Re: RE: Development from Citrix Servers


I've been away from the office. Thank you for your response.

James Ingram