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Demo XE

Hi guys,

Is there any way we can check out the objects and go into the design in XE
I know till B7332 demo junior we can do as a dummy check out but here I
don't have that option from OMW.
Is there any other way to check out the objects.

Thanks in Advance


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Hi Kannen,
If you install a FULL DEMO containing development objects too (e.g. source, include, etc.) then can not you open objects with the designers omitting Get/Check-Outs?
I suppose you get just a warning message which you can accept with Yes button and you can open the objects? Have you tried it?
Here (not on a demo), I can open objects with the designers without get/check-out on my FULL DEV fat client.

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)
HI list,

When I understand it good there is a demo version of JDEdwards Oneword Xe.
Can anyone tell me some more about the demo version.

Thanks in advance.

Selmar Leeuwenburgh.


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I have done this many times recently. You just treat the OMW in Demo Jnr XE in exactly the same way as you would for a full version of XE. ie, create a project, add your objects to the project and then 'check out' using the regular check out button. This seems to mimic the false checkout you used in the B7332 version of Demo Jnr. Once you have done that you are free to go into design mode and make mods at your leisure.

I hope I have understood your query correctly.




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Re: RE: Demo XE

Hi Selmar,

You understood very good; there really is a demo version named JDEdwards OneWorld Xe Standalone. You'll have to call/order it from your Account Manager (or the person who sends you all JDE upgrades CDs ...).
Next thing, you'll install it and, in order to have it working for three months, call JDE for a Software Protection Code :)

The advantages of using it are:
1-ALL the JDE business functionality is in place
2-Dummy data (a .. Bicycle company) already setup
3-ALL the JDE development tools are available
4-The local MS Access jdeb7.mdb database includes ALL OneWorld tables
in a word, a very good and reliable PRISTINE environment that works standalone (that is, yo may take it with you on your laptop)
and where you may apply SARs, too.

Some disadvantages are consequences of 4 - there's no packages/deployment functionality; everything is local :)

So, why don't you order, install & take it for a ride?

LIVE: B732.1 SP12.2, Oracle 806
SANDBOX: Xe SP15 & Update1, Oracle 8i
RS/6000, Citrix