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E9.1 Demand not showing from one branch to another

Hi all, we're seeing an odd situation where planned POs in one branch that are pointed to another branch do not show demand in the supplying branch. It's working properly up to the end of 2020, but we then see no demand coming through to the supplying branch in 2021 and beyond. I know this has to be a calendar somewhere... but it's not Shop Floor Calendar, and we're seeing the same issue in multiple different branch to branch demands. Any suggestions for other calendars to check against?
Just in case anyone else ever comes across this problem, I thought I'd post our solution here. I found that the expiration dates in F3403 were set to 12/31/2020 and instead of using branch leadtime or defaulting to a value of 1 or 0 days, it just didn't plan that demand after these entries expired at all!!!


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Which brings up a good point.... I think a lot of people will be seeing that this year if they've upgraded. Folks may want to look at running dateutil (available from the update center) to scan for 12/31/2020 expiration date.