DataMatrix 2D Font


Hello There
Did anybody implemented 2D Fonts in BI Publisher ?
We are 9.1 release trying to implement 2D Fonts. We are on Oracle Database / Linux Environment.
After generating custom class i was able to see the encoding from Command Prompt.
When i try to invoke it from BIPublisher it is not recognizing. I have defined on the field in RTF as below....? Can anyone suggest if i am missing anything.


I've only ever done this with the IDAutomation 2D barcodes, but it should be a similar process. After creating your custom barcode class, did you copy it into your xdocore.jar?

Also, have you got the correct path to the class? This is what I have:


You have 'barcoder'.

Thanks Dave for the reply Locally it is working OK for us. But on Server it is not working we are on Oracle 12c, Solaris.
Pls let me know on server side if it need to be done anything different followed below steps.......

1) Added two fonts from ID Automation under -
2) Replace Original xdo-core.jar with new xdo-core.jar that has related Custom Barcode class in it.
3) Change xdo.cfg to include the below.
<font family="IDAutomation2D" style="normal" weight="normal">
<truetype path="/u01/jdeerp/E92/system/resource/truetype/IDAutomation2D.ttf" />