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Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year! We are looking for a good SQL tool (similar to Sequel ViewPoint for DB2) to build SQLs and reports on Oracle and SQL Server databases. I checked with Sequel ViewPoint vendor HelpSystems, and they dont have one yet, but apparently is in their roadmap. I am wondering if anyone of the members used any good SQL query builder and reporting tool that we can install and give it to our users to pull the data out. It will be for combining the JDE data out of Oracle Database and couple of edge applications data out of SQL server.

Any recommendations/suggestions for a good tool would be appreciated. Thanks,

JDE 9.1 on Oracle 11g
Edge Applications on SQL server


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We have used Crystal Reports for years to report on data from our Oracle and SQL Server databases. It's not a tool to give to all end users, but would be ideal for business analysts or power users -- with some training and understanding of the data model.
The downside to Crystal Reports is that SAP currently owns this and they don't appear to be putting much into the product with respect to new versions and features.
We have also looked at Microsoft Power BI as a possible replacement, but for us that will be a huge effort, as we have 100's of existing reports that would need to be converted.


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Thanks Don. We are looking for bit more user friendly, easier query builder tool, a drag and drop type, for users to build their joins and pull the data. We evaluated crystal reports but not preferred. We have Microsoft SSIS in-house, however it is deemed more of an IT tool than user tool. We didnt evaluate Power BI yet. We are not looking to convert any reports or migrate anything to new. This will be just a new tool for users to pull the data from couple of databases, join them and extract the data or report them. It will be for savvy power users only and not for average users. Thanks for the help.



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Hello there

Get the reportsnow. It is designed for JDE and you can even connect other data sources within that tool.