E9.1 Data Selection - Today's Date plus X days


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Is it possible to create a data selection on a standard JDE report with today plus X days? So, I want to run a report for everything expiring the next seven days. We are trying to put a report on the scheduler to process MRP messages (R3411) for the next five days, but I can't find a way to make that happen.


Create a variable using the DD Item for the date you are looking to set data selection on. In the "Initalize Section" of the report, use the "X=" to set the date ahead. You will select the variable = "Advance Function" (Date Functions). The first option is Add_Days (,). Your code will look similar to this: Date_Var =Add_Days (SL DateToday,7). You will find the SL value in the box, left of the Advanced Functions.


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I think you are asking whether you can do that in data selection external only and not change code on a vanilla in this case, add processing option for how many days etc . Out of the box jde does not allow you to do it . It will be wonderful to have that , but we dont have it ... I know Patwel group is great in creating some handy tools like this to address such needs but I dont think they have this yet . I know they have something for adding a list like IN clause in data selection which out of box jde even does not have and we have to press that + button to add values


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There is an enhancement request to be able to do this kind of thing in version data selection. I encourage anyone who is a Quest member to login and vote for it.