Cycle Count - Select Items to count


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Sent: Wednesday, October 25, 2000 10:39 PM
Subject: Cycle Count - Select Items to count

In cycle count, the program "select items to count" selects on hand qty and
store it in another file. So, if we want to run the count at Oct 31., we
need to
complete all the pre-Oct 31 transactions so that the "on hand qty" will
that. Meanwhile, we cannot input the Nov transactions before we run the
item to count" prgram as the new transactions will affect the "on hand qty".

What we would like is sort of "select items to count" selects qty as of that
date instead of on hand qty. Because of nature and volumne of transactions,
quite often need to catch up transactions while we already in a new month.

Wonder if how you resolve the above problem?


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