Custom Activity Rules for a new Application


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I am developing a new application and would like to make a custom activity rule to have the records move by (Last Status=A10, Next Status=A20) . It is very similar to the Order Activity Rules, but we are using a custom application to house the statuses and a driver application for which the statuses must move on. I'm not very familiar with the inner workings of the Order Activity Rules so I'm not what I need to create to make this idea possible (data structures, NERs, Apps).

Hopefully some of you have had to create new activity rules separate from the Order Activity rules and incorporate it into a new application.

Thanks for taking a look at this,

BTW: I am running JDE release
Thanks everyone who took a look at my original question.

I was able to use a custom working table and advance the status from last to next based on what the last status was. Fairly easy solution looking back.

So far it is working as expected so our business is happy.