CUME level for A7.3 to One-World


We are getting ready go start the conversion to One-World. I am getting mixed reviews of which CUME level to be on.
Some folks say CUME 11 is fine but is more work to get One-World installed. Some say CUME 12 has some problems
but is less work to get One-World installed.

What experiences have folks had and which would you say is the better CUME level to be on?

We are V4R4M0, A7.3 cume 8.

Thank you for your help.


We are on CUME 7 but have not yet began the conversion. We are still
presenting information to our steering committee before we can get the go
ahead to move forward. SORRY


We are running A73 with the X3 and B733xe sp14.2. Obviously coexist.

Came from CUME 11.

OS V5R1 - many save problems and client

Good Luck


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Forwarded for Treasure Diehl

You will be much better off with the latest cume. I
truly believe that A7.3 cume 12 is a good solid
product. Some customers have said it is the best
quality cume we have every produced. As you expect,
there may be minor issues depending on how you use the
software, as it is not possible for us to test every
possible scenario. However it will also be easier for
you to apply any updates needed for issues you
encounter if you on the latest cume.

The only exception to these might be if you have
localizations for other countries where the business
partner who provided the localization has not updated
their localization to cume 12.

Depending on your implementation schedule, one other
option you might want to consider is waiting for cume
13, which is scheduled to be released in

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Let's not dump on JDE too hard.

I agree that their response on this particular issue may have strayed across the
line into "sales pitch" territory a bit. However, I can recall other responses
from them that have provided valuable information. We have taken some pretty
cheap shots at JDE on this list that I would classify as venting and I don't
have a problem with that. This is a good place for that kind of activity. I am
sure JDE would like to respond to these but they (normally) hold back.

I encourage JDE to monitor this list as another source of input from their user
community. If they can provide pertinent information on a particular topic or
correct erroneous information, I think that would be a good thing. Obviously,
they should remember that this is as user discussion group. They should avoid
taking over the list and they need to practice a deliberate level of discretion
in their responses.


[email protected] on 09/14/2001 08:10:32 AM


I agree that JDE should watch and respond to the list. Some of the problems
that have gone unnoticed or addressed for years can get the attention of
someone at JDE watching the list to have the issue readdressed or possibly
resolved if enough people are impacted by it.

Michael Grejtak, CPIM
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I was not dumping at all, I too am glad they peruse the list, it's a good
sign that they want to know what and where the problems are. And their
occasional responses are always welcome. But, I am now worried that they are
in charge of the list.

Did you note the email address? It was : [email protected] , I presume
that this is the moderators new email address.
In the body of the reply from [email protected] , they wrote: "as it is
not possible for us to test every possible scenario".
So the person using the @jdelist address is also a JDE employee.

Eric? Can you clarify?


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They haven't taken over. Anyone including them can comment. I appreciate
their comments, and regarding this one, I have heard the same thing - cume
12 is more stable.

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to jdeworld

Just a minute here, since when was the moderation of the JDE List taken
by JD Edwards?



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Re: RE: CUME level for A7.3 to One-World

Got to throw my 2 cents in. Notice that Eric's (the moderator) post was an "excerpt" from Treasure. She has watched the list, just like you and me, for a long time. And provided good info when needed! JDE isn't controlling the list, that was Eric's email address, not Treasure's. Don't forget her recent posts with regards to World Writer and upcoming enhancements! We all were quite thankful for her posts then, don't exclude her now.

As for cume level, I would not go with 11. It has been a painful cume for us on the World side. I also suggest 12 or 13 depending on your timeframe.

World A7.3 11 (quite stable and usually happy)
Attempting CO with Xe, AS/400, SP14.2 V4R5 (not happy)


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RE: RE: CUME level for A7.3 to One-World

I by no way meant to Exclude ANY Jde Employee from watching/posting on this
I just don't think that Sales Pitches are needed.
As well as the People who seem to be Posting for Consultant Help lately.
This is Not the place for that.

Scott Parker
Grote Industries, LLC
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Scott Parker
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RE: RE: CUME level for A7.3 to One-World

I'm very grateful to know that JDE are monitoring the list, even it is only
Treasure (and she has lived up to her name so far), since it's fine for us
to discuss all the problems we have with the system, but only by JDE being
aware of these are we going to have a chance of some positive action being
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Like Toni, I would find it very helpful if JDEList mailings could include
"JDEList" in the subject line. Since it is no longer part of the "Sent
from" address, I am unable to filter the messages to a separate folder.
JDElist msgs are sent to an account that doesn't permit filtering through
Outlook and only allows the From Name and Address or Sent to Address as
filter options. Unfortunately since the recent change only shows JDEList in
the Reply to address, none of the World and OW list emails can be filtered!
What was the purpose behind the latest change, is it permanent and if so,
can JDEList be incorporated in the subject line please?
Many thanks
D. Morton


I agree with the idea of JDEList in the subject line. Even JDL would help.
Business etiquette states that the subject line should tell the reader as
much as possible without having to open it, in addition, it would help all
of us differentiate JDEList emails from others. I would imagine that some
people want to read JDEList emails when they can give them a little bit of
attention since they usually contain good information!

Michael Grejtak, CPIM
JDEdwards Manufacturing Systems Analyst
Planning/Inventory/Shop Floor Control
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