Critical files in JD Edwards World 9.2 for SOX Compliance.


I have been given the task of assembling a list of critical files for JDE SOX Compliance. We are thinking of files, that if altered could cause major system problems or a shut down.

I have submitted tickets to Oracle. But they do not really have a list of such files. The one support person was approaching it to assemble a list of critical files if they were missing. I think that could include almost any file, since there may be a file that is not used, but referenced in many RPG programs, and if deleted would cause many programs to be broken.

It gets somewhat subjective too, I guess. Removing records from the UDC file may shut things down, but maybe not. Also, removing an item from the item master may cause critical problems, or not.

I guess it would be what is considered control files? Generally smaller files, that do things like next numbering and such, calendars, or the company constants file. I have searched the web and found lists of files but not categorized by type of file. Type being control file, or constants file.
My vote is on the F98301, F98302, F9831, F0010, F0002, F0009, F0010. But the files that Al and I mention are JDE system level files.

Also are your users dependant on World Writers and Faster reporting that would take days to rebuild (SOX typically means publicly held and accounting deadlines are critical).

Then you have to move into the application layer like the Address Book, GL Account Master, GL Account Balance, Item Master, Inventory, GL Ledger, AR Ledger, AP Ledger, PO Receiving, PO Detail, Bill of Material, and the list goes on.
Thanks George. Because he mentioned the need to prevent "major system problems or a shut down" I was sticking with the control tables, but I suspect we may also want to add the AAI (F0012) and DMAAI (F4090) as well.
One thing you might look for on Oracle Support are the documents regarding Data Models. I was able to locate one for JD Edwards Data Models for A9.3 but every release should have a document in the document set on Data Models. This document shows the relationships between application files and how they are related, i.e. One to One, One to Many, etc. I have printed it before to help new users gain a better understanding of how files are joined especially for teaching better World Writer techniques. The Common Foundation Data Model may reference the Control Files that Al has mentioned.