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I've created a new command and want to generate help behind it.

I've managed to get very basic help attached, which displays when I am prompting my command and press F1.
That help has ONLY the description of my command, and the normal function keys seen when displaying help.

Per the IBM Knowledge Center for "Generating UIM source for command help",
I'm trying GENCMDDOC. I've tried both GENOPT(*UIM) and GENOPT(*HTML)

When I look at my joblog, I see:
Command documentation file created for MYCMD in MYLIB.

I cannot find this file in MYLIB.
The / causes me to believe that this MIGHT be in the IFS, but I don't see it there either.

So my questions are:
Where would I find the file /MYLIB_MYCMD.UIM?;
Am I able to edit this to add the extended help that I'd like to be shown?;
Would this be edited using SEU?

Thanks much,
I have only used GENCMDDOC once or twice, both times with the *HTML option. Regardless, it asks for a location on the IFS (TODIR or TOSTMF) so I temporarily forced it into the /tmp folder on the IFS. It generated a very readable HTML document :)

Is your goal to create an HTML web page for your help screen or are you trying to create a standard *PNLGRP object?

Thanks for the reply.
I'm shooting for the standard *PNLGRP.

I have done a bunch of them...check your private messages - my e-mail is listed. I can mockup something for you and/or send a some examples ;-)