Creating a Production Environment - Security


So first of all, please pardon the noise. I'm trying to learn this stuff from scratch quickly.

I have a fresh install of A9.4 on V7R1, and I followed the Technical Foundation Guide's instructions for creating a "Production Environment". (This is from the Option #2, "Data Libraries" function on menu G9645). I ran into a few problems...

On my first try, the job didn't complete, and a read through the joblog indicated that I needed to increase the QJOBMSGQMX sysval to 64. Second run was successful.

I specified JDWDTA94 as the "From" library, and also specified libraries for the Common and Security libraries.

Ok, so now I have created some libraries I'll use for my production environment. This is where the documentation got really fuzzy for me. I was able to add them into a Library List Revision, and now when I run J98INITA I get prompted for which environment I want, but selecting the new one with the new libraries in the list gets me a 00AUT "Security Violation" panel that says "You are not authorized to access this program because of the following reasons:"

I'm logged in as the same user I used to create the new "Production" data, common, and security libraries. I had figured that the copy procedure would populate the security library with enough user and security assignments that I'd be able to get in and start configuring the thing. Guess not. But, I couldn't find anything in the docs about what to do next. I'm not necessarily asking to be spoon-fed the solution, but can someone tell me, is that normal, and might someone point me in the right direction for how to start creating user accounts and stuff in the new environment?

Many thanks!