Create a custom application to define formula and use it on the code


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I have a requirement to have a formula stored in a table and use this on my code. I know this is possible in JDE, Like F5192 has the formula stored, i want to know how JDE interprets this formula. if there is a NER or a BSFN which reads the Formula and does the calcultion i can check that and use it for my custom application.

Arun Srenivas

It looks like N5100050 uses it but only fetches it.

B749110 looks like it works out expressions you pass in. Calculate Formula and Calculate Function

But check this guy out

B0000500 Algebraic Expression Calculate

If you feed it in a calculation it will work it out for you. So maybe substitute the values in from your stored calc (A/B + C etc) and off you go

(10-5)/2 = 2.5


10-5/2 = 7.5 . So it's very smart
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Thanks a ton :) .. I ended creating a function that would do the same.. will definitely use this in future. Thanks a ton John.

Arun srenivas