Convert 9 Digit Number to Words


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I'm surprised, because I could not find any "working" business function(including X00500*) to convert 9 digit number ( 100 million and above) to words


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But it is in Russian.
I'm not in a situation to develop new one. But I will create it.

Is there any C code available so that I can 'just' copy paste for the time being.


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I'm glad you were able to convert this into NER. Sometimes the translation is a bit tricky. If you want to post the code, then it would be available to JDElisters anytime they might need it.

Good job!


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Thank you very much Don ( A token of appreciation is a perfect gift )
I have attached the code.
To get immediate result ( to satisfy myself and to motivate myself), I have done put some hard coded texts( like 'and', 00/100, 'Riyal (~ Dollar)', 'Halala (~Cent )'
Also did not use 'data item alias' for variable names ( :p ), it may be little hard to understand.


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